There will be a time in everyone’s life when they struggle with relationship problems, low self esteem, work difficulties, illness. Sometimes these problems of living can be overwhelming. At times like this help is needed and help is available.

A psychotherapist will listen and help you understand how past experiences, worries and the future or lack of confidence may be affecting your life.

You will be able to reflect on how you respond to life events and explore the way you relate to yourself and others. With your psychotherapist you will have the opportunity to make sense of your life.

By talking about past and present relationships and events in your life, therapy will help you make changes in your life and also accept that some things can not be changed. It will help you to move forward in a positive and constructive way.

Who is Counselling and Psychotherapy for?
Counselling and Psychotherapy is valuable for anyone who has an interest in exploring their inner thoughts and feelings and developing greater awareness and self understanding.

It will help to increase potential and overcome blocks to successful living.